My Fitness Wishlist

Here we are Day 3 into my journey!! I did not weigh myself today as I don’t want to become addicted to the scale (I will be talking about my wishlist towards the second half of this post). Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and never fully woke up, but I proceeded to workout anyways in hopes it would wake me up (it did not). My best friend wanted to eat a flurricane with me, so I did, but what I did not know is that the small one is 800 calories???? There goes my workout for the day. BUT tomorrow is another day, so I will just work harder in the gym then. I also went for a nice little walk along the boardwalk so that helped make up for it!

NOW here is my fitness wishlist 🙂

I recently went to Walmart and have been online window shopping, so I have compiled a little list that I hope to get things from along my journey.

  1. A protein shake bottle
  2. Pre-workout
  3. Premier Protein shakes
  4. Wireless headphones
  5. A better fitbit (I have the basic Charge, but I want one with HR)
  6. A fitness journal

It’s a small list, but I’m sure it will grow in the coming weeks, Getting some of this stuff sims very obtainable, but I want to make sure I stick with this journey before I invest in anything.

Also, if you’ve made it this far – I want to start a series on my blog called “sundays with sam.” I’m thinking of making Sunday’s my rest days, and I would love to tell you guys more about myself. SO i may designate Sundays to be that day where I tell you one facgt about myself and elaborate!!

Sam // fit.for.grad


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