this is just the beginning

hello friends! for those of you who don’t know me, my name is sam and I am a nineteen year old girl from virginia who decided to get her shit together. so…my journey started, “drumroll please” YESTERDAY. that’s right. on june 5, 2017 i got my lazy butt out of bed and signed up for a rec center membership. my starting weight is a whopping 263.4lbs! my dream goal weight would be 130, but i’m aiming for 150 at the moment.

i am a college student, and i did gain the freshman 15. i checked my old weight logs, and it was indeed 15 pounds (i’m glad it wasn’t more). i do have an instagram (which is where i predict some of you may be coming from). it is @fit.for.grad . i was inspired to do all of this because of jordanshrinks on ig created her fitness group called bod squad. that group has motivated me to get my butt in gear. in that group, there are many shapes and sizes who have such a care-free, but uplifting spirit.

so here i am. from instagram to blog. this blog will be used to (hopefully) update you daily. it might be a mess, but i like to talk a lot about my life, so instead of annoying everyone on instagram, i’m here! so if you wanna stick around, hopefully see me shed some pounds, check back daily!! thanks for reading



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