Lidl Review

Hi friends! I know this isn’t your typical fitness blog post, but in America, several Lidl stores opened and I got the chance to go visit and buy some things! For those of you don’t know, Lidl is a German discount grocery store, super similar to Aldi! I am a die-hard fan of Aldi so I may compare it to Aldi for reference.

I went on the very first day that it opened at around 6pm, prime time for everyone and their brother to go to Lidl too, but it wasn’t so bad. There is quite a bit of parking (more than the Aldis I’ve been to). You don’t have to pay for a cart which is nice if you don’t have a quarter on you. The huge glass walls allow for a ton of natural sunlight and I got to peek into the store before I even stepped foot. This is where I noticed that you didn’t have to bring your own bags, as they use paper bags.

When you  walk in, I see (and smell) the bakery. It was a madhouse over there so I didn’t even brave going over there. I did see some jelly doughnuts I believe and when I go back after everything has calmed down, those might be on my list. To the right of the bakery is the produce section. Compared to Aldi, they have A TON of options. I got a  Mango at $.89 and Blackberries at $1.79 I believe. I didn’t have a lot of room or time to fully look around but I did see avocados at $1.29, which is the same to what I’ve seen at my local Walmart. Tomatoes were almost $2 a pound if I remember correctly. Everything was a “pick your own” produce so if you like that, this is for you. I say this because my uncle doesn’t like Aldi because everything is already packaged up. All the produce looked great and my blackberries are very yummy.

From then, we started to go down each aisle, beginning at the salad kits, and dairy. I did buy a garden salad kit (iceberg lettuce, carrots, etc.) for $.99. Very excited to use this for lunch. They have meats that look yummy, and aren’t expensive. I’d compare it to Walmart prices in meat from what I saw. Their frozen seafood looked very yummy. You could get a pack of Tilapia, Cod, or Flounder for about $4. They also have teas and non-dairy milks for you to buy. I got a jug of sweet tea for $1.49 and it is actually sweet! and it tastes like it was brewed!

They have their own brand of things, but quite a lot of name brand stuff too which I liked. Throughout the aisles they have everything you may need to cook. They have a designated Chocolate and Candy aisle. They had chocolate bars for $.79 and they were sososososo yummy. For the price, I got a lot of chocolate too.

I bought some brown rice for $1.49. I could’ve gotten instant rice at the same price, but it wasn’t as much rice. I also got some apple sauce pouches (my Aldi fav) so I can’t wait to see how that compares. I weaved around the rest of the aisles, everything was very simlar to Aldi. They did have clothes and shoes and underwear, which was cool. It’s not very “plus size” friendly as in women’s they only went to a size 12.

They have fabric softener for $2.99. The only way I remember this is because one of the boxes fell on me and the softener went everywhere on the floor. We told three employees what happened and they weren’t cleaning up. skipping ahead a lil – when we went to check out, THEN the employees started to realize what happened and were complaining that no one said anything; my mom put them in their place. We know they were busy, but the spill was quite big and we didn’t want anyone to slip, especially since it was so busy. So, the cleanup aspect if you have a spill, not so great.

They do have sample stations. I noticed by the bakery, they have a window designated just for samples. There weren’t any samples for me to try, but nestled in the aisles, I did try some dark chocolate and pretzels and some cheese on crackers. The wine selection is HUGE. As I am not 21 yet, I could not buy anything (sad) but I’m sure my mom or my best friend will buy something at some point. Their freezer section is similar to Aldi. They have quite a big selection. I almost bought some grilled chicken breasts to take for lunch, but I didn’t. They did have frozen meals from several cuisines. I saw that they had butter chicken as a frozen meal for $2.99 so I had to get that. Walmart has it for over $3.50, so I thought it was a steal as it is my favorite Indian food. I did try this for lunch, and it was very yummy.

They do have their own app where you can find recipes and coupons and scan at the checkout. I didn’t have it when I checked out, but I do now. Overall, I do like this store. If I don’t want to deal with as many people, I’d go to Aldi. This Lidl is quite a hike for me as it’s on the other side of the city, but I have both an Aldi AND a Lidl opening right down the road from me in July. The only complaint I have is the clean up situation, but I was pleased with what I saw. I would love to go back when the hype dies down as I am not a good person when it comes to crowds.

Thanks for reading! If you have questions, leave them in the comments below!




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